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We have our suspicions, but we'll raise a glass nonetheless to a new survey claiming to show rampant inebriation among British Facebook users.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. An Englishman walks into a bar … and stays there.

A new YouGov poll reiterates that punchline, claiming that more than three-quarters of the photos tagged in Britain on Facebook show the subject under the influence of alcohol.    

According to the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, the survey polled 1,781 users of the social network—all 18 or older—and found that 65 percent of the participants had tagged friends in a drunken stupor to “embarrass them.”  (That’s probably why 93 percent reported having previously removed a Facebook tag.)

You’d think with those kinds of numbers that the Brits would at least have a firm grasp on Facebook’s privacy settings, especially since 8 percent claimed the photos would get them in serious trouble at work.  Yet, 26 percent of the users apparently had settings allowed anyone on the Web to see their tagged photos.

The source poll could not be found and MyMemory.com, the photo-service site that conducted the survey, did not initially respond to requests for comment. But that’s hardly the point.

Here at the Daily Dot, we raise our collective glasses to the findings. We championed the classic cocktail soundtracker Drinkify and recently reported on the Social Media Sobriety Test, a Web plugin to help avoid morning-after online embarrassment.

Now we’re hosting our first happy-hour event—in tofuspace, as we at the Dot label the physical world. If you’re in the Austin area, please make like a Brit and join us today at Clive Bar (609 Davis St.), at Beer O’Clock—that’s 5:30 p.m. on our Timeline.

Illustration by vectorportal

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