You can now take in the wonders and cuteness of these 14 bored-by-life babies in one four-minute supercut.

Babies are kind of like the cats of the human race. They're moody, they're cute only sometimes, and they're generally a big hit on the Internet.

Take this little clowder of nine people-kittens, for example. They're all having an incredibly hard time staying awake, because they're babies, and life is hard when you're a baby: You just spent 14 months napping and now you're expected to smile and eat and exude emotions, and it's just stupid and hard. So it's time to go back to sleep—by any means necessary.

Thanks to the compilation comptrollers at CompilarizTV, we can now take in the wonders and cuteness of these 14 bored-by-life babies in one four-minute supercut. It starts at the dinner table and ends in the high chair, and there's a whole load of lethargy in between.

We're kind of on board with the top comment left by BestMusic2012: "Why are most of them eating something Maybe we should take a look at what is being put into baby foods."

Somebody get Michelle Obama on the phone.

Photo via CompilarzTV/YouTube

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