Where celebrities hang out on Tumblr

Awesome People Hanging Out Together
Want to see celebrities, current and departed, just hanging out? Awesome People Hanging Out Together has your fix.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together is a single-topic Tumblr featuring photos of celebrities, both current and classic, in the company of other celebrities.

While tumblelogs, the format that inspired Tumblr, were originally created as a kind of kitchen-sink collection of links and other Internet flotsam, single-topic Tumblrs have become a popular use of the site. As the name suggests, they are blogs that post exclusively about one very specific thing. And the easily pitched nature of them has spawned a host of Tumblr-to-book projects, like the (sadly defunct) food Tumblr This Is Why You’re Fat.

In Awesome People Hanging Out Together you will find a candid of Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald, Eric Idle climbing on George Harrison, and a video of Ben Schwartz dueting with Zooey Deschanel. And that's just a small sampling from this week.

Pictures range from posed photo shoots to paparazzi photos. Most are funny or intimate or a little of both.

The best photos are the most unexpected. Did you ever think you'd see Alice Cooper playing dress up with Salvador Dali? Now you have.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together has been posting frequently since it began in November 2010, and still doesn't seem to be running short of material.

We just can’t wait for some celebrity photo archive to appropriate the idea and issue the requisite coffee-table book.

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