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Results 1 - 20 of 291

Fake marriage proposals will get you tons of social-media engagement

If you're desperate for likes, pretend you fell in love.

Celebrate Pride Month with the 9 sweetest LGBT proposals

From military partners to public transit pairings, these lovebirds all have something to be proud of.

Gentlemen, please cease and desist with the meme-ready marriage proposals

Proposing to your spouse in a viral video is creepy, exploitative, unimaginative, and honestly, just really, really stupid.

Love is a battlefield on YouTube

Vote for your favorite wedding proposal this Valentine's Day in YouTube Slam. 

Bad Santa arrested for lewd proposals to a 15-year-old

A youth baseball coach used Craigslist to make lewd and indecent proposals to an underaged teen. 

When it comes to same-sex marriage, kids understand what many adults don't

From "outrageous" to "too cute," these kids have a lot of words for what they just saw.

Marriage proposals have gone to the drones

How one little quadcopter got a sweet and surreptitious view of this couple's engagement.

Lego rejects all fan proposals for sets—including 'Frozen,' 'Golden Girls'

This is the first time Lego has never approved a project from a Lego Ideas review period.

Skydiving proposal begins with the worst possible snafu

Everything went horribly wrong—or so it seemed.

Cop proposes to girlfriend in adorable traffic-stop setup

Put your ring finger up where I can see it.

Dude proposes to his girlfriend in a selfie, and her reaction is golden

We're doomed. Selfie proposals actually work.

Watch the first-ever Google Glass marriage proposal

Don't expect a Google Glass wedding from the newly engaged couple—although Ingle hasn't completely ruled out a Google Hangout.

This man surprised his girlfriend with a virtual reality proposal

It might change your mind about crazy proposals.

Obama plans stronger privacy laws for consumers and students

What chance do these proposals have of become law?

This failed proposal is literally the most cringeworthy thing ever

You won't believe where he chose to pop the question.

The battle over the future of encryption returns to Capitol Hill

Comey is likely to face heated questions about the vagueness of his proposals.

This flip book marriage proposal will probably make you cry

It's cute, but she totally knew it was coming.

A former bully saw his victim's gay marriage proposal go viral, and then something extraordinary happened

While “viral” marriage proposals have become ubiquitous, here’s proof one of them can actually do some good.

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