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Results 1 - 20 of 1627

Weather woman's boyfriend proposes to her during her live report

It was the proposal seen around the country.

A SXSW attendee proposed to her girlfriend during a Ryan Gosling film screening

Is it a legit marriage proposal, or a marketing stunt?

The Proposal

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Skydiving proposal begins with the worst possible snafu

Everything went horribly wrong—or so it seemed.

Magician's proposal is a sweet and somewhat disgusting trick

The way he pulls out the ring is pure sorcery.

Surprise lederhosen proposal on 'Let's Make a Deal'

I'll take the 'I do' behind the curtain.

This failed proposal is literally the most cringeworthy thing ever

You won't believe where he chose to pop the question.

This man surprised his girlfriend with a virtual reality proposal

It might change your mind about crazy proposals.

Dude proposes to his girlfriend in a selfie, and her reaction is golden

We're doomed. Selfie proposals actually work.

Hate proposal videos? This Disney World proposal might change your mind

It'll warm the cockles of your icy heart.

Paddleboat proposal video ends in massive fail

This proposal had all the elements to be picture-perfect, but it ended in a massive fail. 

See the moment Nick Young proposed to Iggy Azalea

The proposal wasn't that fancy.

This marriage proposal video definitively proves that true love exists

Cue the Ed Sheeran. Cue the waterworks.

Redditor captures sweet marriage proposal

While taking pictures in Austin on Wednesday night, Patrick Lu spotted a proposal in progress and captured the perfect moment. 

Japanese man spells out marriage proposal using GPS data

A successful marriage proposal and a Guinness World Record.

Man proposes with Google Cardboard—here's how he pulled it off

How a virtual reality headset sparked a viral proposal.

Here's how to propose when your girlfriend is expecting it

Jordan Halland's girlfriend knew he was going to propose, but he still managed to make it surprisingly unforgettable. 

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