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Political hacker Guccifer reportedly arrested

The man accused of using the now famous pseudonym is 40-year-old Marcel Lazăr Lehel.

Celeb hacker Guccifer returns, forces Colin Powell to deny an affair

In spite of email correspondence leaked by Guccifer, Powell denies having an extramarital dalliance with a diplomat.

No politician's email is safe from Guccifer—but who is he?

"Guccifer" has leaked Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Colin Powell's private email, but the hacker's identity remains a mystery.

Political hacker Guccifer is now going after Silicon Valley

Guccifer has moved on from politicos like George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton to one of Silicon Valley's most famous investors, John Doerr.

Guccifer hacks famed Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein

Previous targets of the mysterious hacker have included General Colin Powell, venture capitalist John Doerr and President George W. Bush.

Guccifer strikes again, hacks U.S. intelligence official

The notorious celebrity hacker is back to his old tricks, breaking into the email account of Christopher Kojm, chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC).

George W. Bush hacker Guccifer pleads guilty

Hacker likely faces jail time for illegally accessing private messages of Romanian politicians.

Guccifer hacks the head of the National Nuclear Security Agency

Neile Miller was a target in line with the main thrust of Guccifer’s hacking interests.

Hacker Guccifer strikes again, targets "Zionist Media"

Among others, he emailed Colin Powell from a Hotmail account in the name of Powell's dead sister.

Celebrity hacker Guccifer leaks "Sex and the City" author's new book

The hacker took over Candace Bushnell's Twitter account, and shared a link to the first 50 pages of her next novel, "Killing Monica."

Guccifer hack reminds you not to use a government email for cybersex

The same hacker who released private email from George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton has now exposed a Defense Intelligence Agency officer's emails to his girlfriend.

Hacker who exposed George W. Bush's shower selfie painting gets 7 years

As if there was any other possible outcome.

Celebrity hacker Guccifer indicted in U.S. following 7-year sentence in Romania

Releasing George W. Bush's childlike bathroom selfie paintings: Probably not worth it.

Hacker uncovers even more George W. Bush paintings

Tuck in your bib and get ready to feast on your own tears. George W. Bush is back and his paintings are horrifying! 

Hacker rifles through Colin Powell's personal email

Colin Powell needs better security. A hacker who broke into the former secretary of state's Facebook account earlier this week has revealed that he also gained access to Powell's AOL email account. 

ISIS supporters hijack Newsweek's Twitter, threaten Michelle Obama

The hackers than angrily... posted screengrabs of widely available documents.

The shocking truth behind the Hillary Clinton email scandal

Don't blame Hillary Clinton for Washington's email problem.