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Results 1 - 20 of 4243

Google Minus Google puts the Web back in Web search

If you're tired of Google pushing its own products in search results, this website is the answer.

Is Google juicing the numbers for Google+?

The search engine giant is now requiring users to create Google+ profiles if they want access to the company's other products. 

Google might remix Google+ into a photo-sharing service

Can Google save Google+ from itself?

Google+ gains momentum

Google's social network may finally be gaining momentum.

Britney Spears goes platinum on Google+

The pop star recently became the first user to have 1 million followers on Google's social network,. 

Google+ now teen-friendly

Google's social network: No longer making your sons and daughters cry!

Google scrapes the bottom of the prank barrel for Google Nose

The jokes keep coming for Internet comedy club Google. 

Google+ breathes its last breath as Google axes login requirements

Google finally realizes what the Internet suspected all along.

Google+ has a thing for trees

Before Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday, there's Google+'s less-self-absorbed weekly ritual: Tree Tuesday.

Join Conan O'Brien's Google Hangout

The talk show host will be taking your questions live in a Google Hangout tonight.

Google brightens day with new search engine tricks

A new Google trick makes browsers spin, tilt, and go askew. Users rejoice!

Oh, the irony! Top Google+ user actually a fake

"Victoria Nigar" has become one of the most followed users on Google+ by falsely claiming to be a Google employee, despite the company's strong stance against pseudonyms on the social network. 

Google+ changes policy, will allow pseudonyms

  After drawing serious online opposition, Google+ announced yesterday that it will soon allow pseudonymous user names.

Google+ is a political Bizarro World, with politicians' numbers seriously askew

On Google's social network, the horse race gets just plain weird.

Google+ solves pseudonym problem with new patent

Under the patent Google+ users will still be required to register under real names, but their public identity can remain pseudonymous.

The Morning GIF: The hand of Google

At least one Google Books employee got a little handsy with this crystallography text.

Google+'s big community challenge

Reports of a traffic drop and complaints about policies are taking the shine off Google+, the search engine's new social network.

Google changes to anonymity rules unpopular with some

Anti-pseudonyms policy on Google+ has some social users up in arms, others offer tepid support.

Does Google+ really matter anymore?

Even if it's a ghost town, there are still reasons why it pays to be on Google's social network. 

Your secret Wi-Fi password is no secret to Google

When a Wi-FI password is entered on an Android device, Google captures it.

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