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Google juice

Is Google juicing the numbers for Google+?

The search engine giant is now requiring users to create Google+ profiles if they want access to the company's other products. 

dy5brON.png (1300×650)

Google might be prepping its own wireless network

Google Fiber may have just been the beginning. 

Google+ and YouTube

Google brings YouTube and Google+ closer

The search giant adds some YouTube features to its social network. How close is too close, though?

victoria nagar

Oh, the irony! Top Google+ user actually a fake

"Victoria Nigar" has become one of the most followed users on Google+ by falsely claiming to be a Google employee, despite the company's strong stance against pseudonyms on the social network. 


Former Google engineering director tells all

A month after his departure, James Whittaker wrote, "Ideas that failed to put Google+ at the center of the universe were a distraction.” 


Google set to launch its own commenting system, report says

A new commenting system is on the way, according to some reports.

Google Plus Minus

Google Minus Google puts the Web back in Web search

If you're tired of Google pushing its own products in search results, this website is the answer.

Google turkey

Google+ gives users a hand with Thanksgiving

The latest Google Doodles gives a modern upgrade to hand turkeys—and a boost to the search engine's social network.

Birthday cake with candles

For your birthday, Google would like to remind you that Google+ exists

Honestly, it’s a pretty lame birthday gift, but at least Google remembered.

google lgbt

Google launches global LGBT rights campaign

Google's "Legalize Love" initiative is aimed at decriminalizing homosexuality and recognizing same-sex partnerships in every country where the company has an office.

Google Plus Logo EXT

Google+ is growing, but where are the celebrities

While Google+ may have drawn the tech press, it's done little to attract celebrities.

jgl lincoln

Google+ to host hangout with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Steven Spielberg

The actor and director are promoting their upcoming film, Lincoln. Google is promoting its social network.

J7GeaqK.jpg (1024×685)

Never miss an invite again with Gmail's new alert featue

Google wants email to find you.

gside-of-the-moon.png (1440×720)

Why won't Google+ die?

Google wants a unified network to not simply know what you’ve done but even what you might do.


EU sights set on Google over privacy changes

The European Union thinks Google isn't doing enough to keep users' data private.


Larry Page topples Mark Zuckerberg as most popular on Google+

Google+ users have spoken: Larry Page is finally more popular than Mark Zuckerberg.

Google car

Google fined $7 million for Street View privacy violations

Google sucked up not just photographs of addresses, but also router information—not just where those routers were, but what was on them, including private email and personal passwords. 

google plus brand

Google+ spurs 'Ripples' with new brand pages

With the launch of business-specific pages, Google+ attempts to offer brands a significant counter to Facebook. 

10606613203_8b94440d50_b.jpg (1024×683)

Google is going to stop forcing you to use Google+

Creation of a Google+ profile will no longer be required to comment on YouTube videos.

Google Glass Model

Google to halt sales of Glass in overhaul of development operations

Here today, gone tomorrow.