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Results 1 - 20 of 4616

Google Minus Google puts the Web back in Web search

If you're tired of Google pushing its own products in search results, this website is the answer.

Google might remix Google+ into a photo-sharing service

Can Google save Google+ from itself?

Google+ breathes its last breath as Google axes login requirements

Google finally realizes what the Internet suspected all along.

Join Conan O'Brien's Google Hangout

The talk show host will be taking your questions live in a Google Hangout tonight.

Is Google juicing the numbers for Google+?

The search engine giant is now requiring users to create Google+ profiles if they want access to the company's other products. 

Why won't Google+ die?

Google wants a unified network to not simply know what you’ve done but even what you might do.

How Google is censoring Blogger content

Through the use of localized top-level domains, Google says it will be able to comply with local laws while still making the content available in other areas. 

Even a Google engineer can't figure out Google+

A Google engineer's gaffe reflects poorly on its Facebook rival.

Google+ spurs 'Ripples' with new brand pages

With the launch of business-specific pages, Google+ attempts to offer brands a significant counter to Facebook. 

Google+: The “fastest-growing network thingy ever”

Google+ added a new Communities feature that will allow users to create public and private groups for discussion and Hangouts. 

Google+ gives users a hand with Thanksgiving

The latest Google Doodles gives a modern upgrade to hand turkeys—and a boost to the search engine's social network.

Google changes to anonymity rules unpopular with some

Anti-pseudonyms policy on Google+ has some social users up in arms, others offer tepid support.

15 ways Google changed the world

Few companies have had as large an impact on our daily lives as Google. 

Google Music launches—but is it too late?

Google finally unveiled its new music offering after months of testing. 

Google+ solves pseudonym problem with new patent

Under the patent Google+ users will still be required to register under real names, but their public identity can remain pseudonymous.

How to stop Google from giving every user your email

How to turn off that thing you heard Google+ is doing without getting mad. 

Google+'s big community challenge

Reports of a traffic drop and complaints about policies are taking the shine off Google+, the search engine's new social network.

For your birthday, Google would like to remind you that Google+ exists

Honestly, it’s a pretty lame birthday gift, but at least Google remembered.

Google Maps now makes it really easy to catch an Uber ride

Uber scores a unique Google Maps integration.  

Google Maps update gives Foursquare a run for its money

Google Maps isn't just for directions anymore.

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