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Results 1 - 20 of 215

PBS show tackles racist treatment of non-player characters in video games

PBS Game/Show asks why NPC's are still show up in games from 'Resident Evil' to 'Zelda.'

PBS zooms in on "The Culture of Reddit"

Cofounder Alexis Ohanian and the Daily Dot's Kevin Morris discuss the history, evolution, and dark side of the social news site. 

PBS and John Green team up to give you an Art Assignment

Would you walk 500 miles for an art assignment? John and Sarah Green are about to find out in this new PBS webseries.

Future seasons of 'Sesame Street' will premiere on HBO, not PBS

Who's looking forward to Sesame Street After Dark?

PBS asks: “Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity?”

The answer isn't nearly as simple as PBS makes it out to be. 

PBS video explains the science of allergies with 'Mr. T-Cells' and simple genetics

We can't cure them, but we can explain them.

Watch the PBS documentary “Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium"

The seven-minute documentary includes commentary from noted artist Mr. GIF and Tumblr's Christopher Price. 

PBS imagines a future for fandom that's already a reality

Idea Channel's predictions for the possibilities of fandom are easy to swallow—probably because they're already happening.

When hackers turn on PBS, NewsHour turns to hacker tactics for a small victory

Over the long Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. several websites belonging to public broadcaster PBS came under cyber-attack. The attacks by lulzsec claimed to be in retaliation for the recent Frontline edition's claimed bias covering the ongoing struggle of Wikileaks and the tumultuous legal troubles of Bradley Manning. 

'Lizzie Bennet' creators join PBS for modern genderbent 'Frankenstein'

It's alive, or should we say: she's alive!

YouTube Guide: "PBS: The Movie"

Carl Sagan, Bob Ross, and Fred Rogers come back from the dead to join Bill Nye in their mission to teach what others will not and defeat the evil network heads.

PBS Digital to debut new LGBT-focused series

Addressing gender, sexual identity, and the queer community for the YouTube generation.

PBS toasts digital shorts with online film festival

The 25 films feature content from public broadcast stations and partners.

Video explains the nuances of competitive Street Fighter

PBS Game/Show tackles the nuances of competitive Street Fighter.

Are LOLCats and image macros art?

PBS's Idea Labs makes a compelling case in this short film. 

PBS needs to get with the times

While the Internet has changed the world’s access to information, legislators haven’t altered their approach.

Hear Philip Seymour Hoffman's heartbreaking speech on happiness

A poignant new animated video from PBS reminds us that Hoffman's artistic genius manifested itself in many ways.

Is YouTube making us smarter?

Yes, according to PBS Idea Channel's Mike Rugnetta.

'Gross Science' will teach you about the weirdest things in nature

Sometimes nature just makes you say 'ew.'

America's tiniest tech giant shines in adorable PBS spoof

'Everything But The News' is back and more adorable than ever.

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