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Results 1 - 20 of 674


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True confessions made on Canvas

If you've been feeling a need to confess (or to see the confessions of others) head over to Canvas.

It's a moot point with Poole on Canvas

Canvas loves its memes, even when they're moot—or maybe especially when they're moot. 

Canvas commemorates Friday the 13th

The best and most frightening Jason Voorhees images created by the Canvas community. 

Stretching the Canvas: Sebastian Bach, Futurama, and audio remixes

Sebastian Bach, Futurama, Obama brought you donuts, and way too much audio. All this and more this week on Canvas.

The many faces of Canvas

Ever wonder the users of Canvas look like? Check out these cool self-portraits. 

Have an idea? This Canvas user will draw it

Canvas user mikshaw draws whatever you want him to. The results are amazing.

Grin and bear it on Canvas

The Canvas imageboard community has the bear necessities for art enthusiasts. And a bunch of stellar bear drawings. 

Bombs away on Canvas

Over the last three days, Canvas has played its version of a war game. The results weren't pretty. 

Canvas illustrates classic movies with circles

See how the Canvas community put a fresh spin on popular films. 

Know the difference between Beethoven and Waspthoven on Canvas

Know the difference between Beethoven and Waspthoven on Canvas.

Colorful Canvas heroes save the day

What superhero best represents your favorite canvas sticker?

Drawfriends creates a charming, collaborative comic on Canvas

Drawfriends, a community of 86 Canvas users, worked together to create a story about a crazy rat stuck in asylum. 

Canvas' 404 page gets a makeover

Canvas users make most of the imageboard's recent service issues by creating their own takes on the Canvas 404 page.

Canvas is all ears

In the long line of weird drawing contests on the Canvas imageboard, the latest one started by power user tati5001 might take the top prize. 

Canvas flips for Olympic diver

This is a look of extreme concentration. This is a look of extreme concentration remixed by Canvas. 

Canvas prepares for April Fools' Day

What do you think will happen on Canvas come Sunday?

Canvas gets fluorescent with neon art

Using the imageboard's built-in photo editor, Canvas users discovered how to make neon lighting effects. 

Crowdsourcing video game development on Canvas

After a week spent away from the computer, Canvas power user narge is back on his favorite imageboard and trying to get some help on a new video game he is developing. 

Canvas recreates the Creation of Adam

Canvas users divided Michelangelo's fresco Sistine Chapel ceiling into 40 distinct tiles and put their unique stamp on the classic painting.  

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