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Results 1961 - 1980 of 3725

Proper terms for “gurus” on every social media site

Are you Pinterest barbarian? Try harder. 

Dotted Lines: Parkour with a moving car

Parkour and breakdancing on top of a moving car brings a whole new meaning to “ghost riding the whip.”

Dotted Lines: Robot band covers Motörhead

Robot band Compressorhead rocks out a cover of Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt fixes Anne Hathaway's wardrobe malfunction

One of JGL's hitRECord buttons mended a broken strap at the Critics' Choice Awards Thursday.

Canvas remixes controversial cop at the NATO summit

Here's a look at the winners of the Daily Dot's first caption contest on Canvas. 

The Hater: 3 memes that need to die

Kill them. Kill them with fire.

Phone stacking game asks you to put down the cell and talk to your friends

Can't put down your smartphone? Next time you go out for a meal with friends, it'll cost you.

Jan Brewer vs. Barack Obama

This is how one picture can result in a thousand memes (or just a lot of them).

The Morning GIF: Sign of the times

Lydia Calas remains the best thing to come out of any press conference on Hurricane Sandy.

Dotted Lines: An honest "Dark Knight" trailer

With The Dark Knight Rises just a couple of days away, YouTube's Screen Junkies revisit the previous film in an "honest movie trailer."

The Morning GIF: Naughty by nature

Maria Popova brings the erotic Victorian pop-up book The Naughty Nineties to life with these GIFs.

Punk band knocks out drone during show

Flying drones at punk shows is still very wild, uncharted territory.

Like 'Hodor,' 'I Am Groot' is already becoming a loved Internet meme

We do love our limited-vocabulary characters, don't we? 

Drunk guy at a Luke Bryan concert gets a perfect WWE remix

This wasted Luke Bryan fan became the biggest thing to happen to country since, well, Luke Bryan. 

The Morning GIF: Aquarium drinker

Scuba gear? No, scuba beer.

Dotted Lines: "Outta My System"

My Morning Jacket gets cosmic with Zach Galifianakis. 

Dotted Lines: More bets you'll always win

Richard Wiseman really wants to help you win some quirky bets. Try these tricks and blow your friends' minds.

The Morning GIF: Animated ASCII

A piglet riding a kitty mobile. That is all.

Twitter joins the protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act

As a controversial act makes it way to Congress, Twitter users are voicing concerns on the microblogging site—while they still can.