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Results 1 - 20 of 42

Barack’s Dubs: How a biochemistry student makes President Obama sing

You’ve watched the president cover “Born This Way” and “Call Me Maybe.” Now meet the 19-year-old that makes it happen. 

Pres. Obama forced to sing "Call Me Maybe"

The YouTube channel BarackDubs imagines what it would sound like if the president covered the infectious pop hit. 

YouTube Guide: Barack Obama sings "Can't Touch This"

YouTuber BaracksDubs celebrates an Obama victory in style with a dub of the President singing MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This."

YouTube Guide: Big Boi reads "The Grinch"

It's an Outkast twist on a Seussian Christmas classic.

YouTube right now! Barack Obama sings One Direction

If you loved the president's renditions of Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen, you'll love this.

You've never heard "Ice Ice Baby" like this

All right stop, supercut, and listen.

YouTube Guide: Intense Mario Kart

Some people take the game of Mario Kart more seriously than others.

YouTube Guide: Prankster's T-shirt goes around the world

French YouTuber Rémi Gaillard designed a t-shirt and sent it around the world to create a truly global dance video (with a Daft Punk soundtrack!).

YouTube Guide: The "30 Rock" high five challenge

Mark Malkoff celebrated the end of 30 Rock by waiting outside the studio to high-five the sitcom's cast.

"Growing Pains" mashup blurs the line between Alan and Robin Thicke

For those who weren't alive in the '80s, Robin Thicke's father, Alan, starred as Growing Pains's patriarch, Jason Seaver.

Obama administration to formally review NSA online spying programs

In 60 days, a formal review group will weigh in on whether the NSA's spying capabilities infringe on the privacy rights of U.S. citizens.

YouTube Guide: Calling in the “Facebook Police”

Andrew McMurry introduces the Facebook police, a new unit of justice that's determined to bring an end to all that mindless posting and prodding.

Rush Limbaugh: NASA's discovery of liquid water on Mars is a leftist conspiracy

'NASA's been corrupted by the current regime.'

YouTube Guide: What women really think about facial hair

She doesn't want a mouthful of beard when you kiss, fellas.

The 7 most unpresidential moments caught in GIFs

Every single commander-in-chief we've had, with the possible exception of Richard Nixon, has been a human being.

Jon Stewart takes down Obama for "super casual bro-mails"

The Comedy Central host took the president to task Thursday night in a hilarious segment called "Spamalot."

How Barack Obama became the Internet's first celebrity president

Is the Commander in Chief now the Entertainer in Chief?

Bernie Sanders claims that Iran deal opponents are the same who wanted Iraq War

Bernie Sanders paints his opponents into an Iraq War corner.

GIF Cards: Happy holidays from Mr. GIF

Introducing GIF cards, the Daily Dot's fun and easy-to-share gift to the Internet. 

If someone accuses you of violating a dead pig, here's why you shouldn't deny it

Dear David Cameron—don't feed the trolls.

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