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Edward Snowden seeks asylum in Iceland

If Snowden is looking to move there, it isn’t likely he’ll make it. But now we know he genuinely tried.

Watch Edward Snowden speak at SXSW here

Couldn't make it to SXSW? Watch Snowden speak live to festival-goers via video chat here. 

Snowden is 1 step closer to asylum in Russia

Four days after Edward Snowden announced he would apply for temporary asylum in Russia, Moscow finally has his application.

With deadline looming, Snowden seeks asylum extension

It appears National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is in no rush to leave Russia.

Snowden could get asylum in Switzerland for testifying against the NSA

Switzerland may not stay neutral on Snowden.

Edward Snowden says he wants to live in Switzerland

Is pressure from the Obama administration keeping Snowden in Russia?

Russia promises it won't hand over Snowden to the U.S.

Facing charges of espionage and theft, Snowden has spent the last month living in the transit zone of Moscow’s airport.

Happy birthday, Edward Snowden: You're charged with espionage

Snowden will almost assuredly face trial in Hong Kong, where he has holed up since fleeing his life in Hawaii.

Edward Snowden has left the building

After spending more than a month stranded in Moscow’s airport, Edward Snowden was granted safe passage into Russia.

Edward Snowden accused of impersonating NSA officials

An NSA report says Snowden used the accounts of officials to access high-level secrets.

Cuba's Raul Castro backs asylum for Edward Snowden

Although Cuba isn't offering Snowden asylum, Castro supports the offers made by Venezuela and Bolivia.

CIA whistleblower to Edward Snowden: Never return to the U.S.

"If the government has its way, Ed Snowden will never see the light of day."

No, Edward Snowden wasn't behind 7 proxies at SXSW

Ben Wizner claimed that Edward Snowden was appearing via seven proxies, and most of the Internet didn't get the joke.

Former senator praises Snowden as "courageous whistleblower"

"I believe you have done the right thing," Gordon Humphrey, former Republican Senator from New Hampshire, wrote to Snowden.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt offered leading role in Edward Snowden biopic

Unless there's a hangup in contract negotiations, Oliver Stone has his Snowden. 

Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Stefan Svallfors, a sociology professor at Sweden's Umeå University, nominated NSA whistleblower Snowden for the 2014 edition of the prestigious award.

European Parliament invites Snowden to testify in NSA investigation

But is Snowden interested when asylum isn't on the table?

Can whistleblower Edward Snowden gain asylum in Iceland?

Snowden has allies in Iceland, but he'll face many challenges trying to get official protection there.

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