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toilet paper kickstarter

Wipe away SOPA and PIPA with new toilet paper

A new Kickstarter project hopes to print the reviled legislation on toilet paper and flush it down the tubes. 

blackout computer

The Internet is going on strike to protest SOPA and PIPA

Many websites are using the day to send a message about pending Internet regulation legislation.


Pin it black: Pinterest's unique SOPA protest

While Pinterest has been surprisingly silent in regards to the Stop Online Piracy Act, some users are turning their pinboards into digital protest signs.


SOPA postponed indefinitely, but PIPA still lingers

While Majority Leader Eric Cantor has promised that the House will not vote on the Stop Online Piract Act, Reddit has pledged to continue its 12-hour protest on Wednesday, due to the threateningl nature of the still-active Protect IT Act. 


Upvote: This week on Reddit, SOPA dominated the news

This week on Reddit, SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act dominated the news. 

paul ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan comes out against the Stop Online Piracy Act

After intense pressure from the Reddit community, Wisconsin's Paul Ryan officially came out against the controversial bill, leading some users of the social news site to declare "victory."


Breaking: Reddit goes dark to protest SOPA

The social news site has led the charge against the Stop Online Piracy Act. Now the social news site is poised to take its most extreme step yet. 


How to protest SOPA on the Web

Here's a quick round-up of all the different ways to possibly black-out your blog, website, or Twitter profile in opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act. 

Fark whiteout

Fark goes white to "support" SOPA

The social news site claims "SOPA/PIPA is the perfect excuse to quit." 

PIPA protest

Wikipedia continues the fight against SOPA

In a thankful message to its users, Wikipedia said as the site "went dark, you've directed your energy to protecting it." 


"Irish SOPA" minister gets pummeled on Twitter

Seán Sherlock finds no allies online.

morning gif logo

The Morning GIF: Protesting SOPA

A pretty convincing argument against the Stop Online Piracy Act told in the form of a hilarious and intentionally lo-fi animated GIF. 

Upvote: This week on Reddit

Upvote: This week on Reddit, the fight against SOPA continues

It may look like business as usual on Reddit now, but this past week was anything but that for the social news site. 

Newt Gingrich7

GOP candidates denounce SOPA

During the South Carolina debate on Thursday, the remaining GOP presidential candidates took turns taking down the Stop Online Piracy Act. 

i can has cheesburger cat

I Can Has Cheezburger joins SOPA protest

After previously helping force GoDaddy's hand in regards to the Stop Online Piracy Act, I Can Has Cheezburger founder Ben Huh has now pledged to join Reddit in protesting the controversial bill on Jan. 18.    

atlas wiki

Judging the success of SOPA protests—by the numbers

Here's an overview of the impressive results from the great Internet blackout of 2012. 

SOPA Dan Bull

YouTube right now! Nerdcore rapper fights SOPA one rap at a time

Dan Bull is dedicating his talents to fighting SOPA.


IT experts launch PAC to unseat SOPA's Lamar Smith

Much like Reddit's TestPAC, the Alliance for Internet Freedom hopes to boot Lamar Smith from office come May 29. 


"Irish SOPA" passes despite protests

The controversial bill grants digital property owners the ability to seek court injunctions against those hosting copyrighted material.

White House

The White House comes out swinging against SOPA

No clear veto promise, but a strong rejection of just about every tactic in the antipiracy proposal.