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Shotgun Obama gets the meme treatment

Queen Elizabeth isn't the only politician who knows her way around high-powered guns.

Barack Obama Delivers the State of the Union 2011

Special guests revealed for Obama's State of the Union

President Obama will deliver his SOTU address with various guests seated with the First Lady.

president obama receiving a flu shot from a nurse

FBI investigating July hack of

No consumer data was taken, officials say.

9. Slow jamming the news

The 10 best Obama photos from the 2012 Flickr collection

The White House has released its annual photoset of pictures from the previous year on Flickr. Which 10 would you select?

Barack and Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama's first date is being turned into a movie

OK, their first date was pretty cool.

Political cartoon of Obama, NSA and Bill Clinton

@DotPolitics Weekly: The Internet goes to court

Will the real Dread Pirate Roberts please stand up?

2014 State of the Union Address | The White House

Obama: 'The Affordable Care Act is here to stay'

A last minute surge helps beat original its enrollment goal.

Barack Obama looking serious
166 is riddled with security flaws, report finds

Ugh, not again.

Obama Looking off into Distance

You probably don't care about the State of the Union—and neither does Obama

The state of our union is strong. Just not on TV.

net-neutral-2.png (1440×720)

The friends and enemies of net neutrality in Washington

Let’s get ready to rumble—legislatively, that is.

President Barack Obama talking on the phone

The 45 best White House Flickr photos of 2014

A glimpse inside the life of a president.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Want to read the world's longest palindrome sentence? Get comfortable

A man, a plan, a computer program, etc. This thing is 17,826 words.