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Results 1 - 20 of 89

NSA and GCHQ surveillance activities may be illegal in the EU

European Parliament has made a preliminary finding that American and British spying breaks the law.

U.K. spy agency GCHQ's codenames turned into cocktails

If you can't beat 'em, drink 'em.

NSA, GCHQ compromised millions of phone SIM cards

Probably not the 'consumer protection' Obama was talking about.

Leaked GCHQ document says encryption is a major threat to surveillance

Encryption: still a great way to fight surveillance.

The NSA and Britain's GCHQ collected more than metadata from these targets

International political allies, charitable organizations and educational institutions are just some of the NSA's targets.

GCHQ illegally spied on 2 human-rights groups

The spy agency says it was a mistake.

U.S. paid $150 million for access to British online surveillance programs

The Guardian reports that Britain's GCHQ was eager to cooperate to ensure that the U.S. payouts continued.

Edward Snowden describes GCHQ's 'Smurf Suite' of phone surveillance tools

It would be foolish to assume that you were truly safe from determined government spies.

Snowden: The U.K.'s spying operation is worse than PRISM

The U.K.'s GCHQ has tapped directly into fiber-optic cables to intercept communications, Snowden and another Guardian source claim.

U.K. spy agency hacked Belgium telecom in 'Operation Socialist'

Last week Belgacom admitted it was the target of a malware attack that may have been in operation for several years.

Verizon is handing over U.S. data to a foreign spy agency

The latest batch of leaks from Edward Snowden implicate Verizon in sharing U.S. Internet and phone data with British intelligence.  

How U.K. intelligence exploited LinkedIn to spy on a Belgian telecom

The British equivalent of the National Security Agency created fake LinkedIn pages to hack into a major Belgian telecommunications company.

British spies can no longer be sued for computer hacking

If you don't have anything to hide, you shouldn't be allowed to sue when they pry.

Top British intelligence agency to scour Facebook

England's Government Communications Headquarters is recruiting talent and developing tools to sift through social media for helpful intelligence.

Snowden leak reveals British spies at war with Anonymous

In September 2012, a top British spy agency reportedly launched cyberattacks against Anonymous and LulzSec.

Even British intelligence officials were worried about the extent of their surveillance

According to a new leak from Edward Snowden, British intelligence officials were aware the scope of their surveillance program may have been illegal.

This group just challenged the U.K. government over mass spying

Privacy International filed a complaint against several U.K. government entities.

How British spies compromised Belgium's largest telecom company

British spies hit Belgium's largest teleco harder than we thought.

Top U.K. intelligence official says spying necessary to stop pedophiles

In the first public hearing since the Snowden leaks, heads of U.K. intelligence agencies were a bit more colorful than their American counterparts.

U.K. intelligence carried out a cyberattack on a major Belgian telecom

The latest Snowden leak reveals how British spies hacked into the Belgian telecommunications firm, Belgacom.

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