Pot pizza

Pot aficionados seek free pizza


Pot pizzaFor most charitable efforts, attention is a good thing.

But not when you’re a pizza-giving collective hosted on a site that also features a subforum of nearly 90,000 cannabis enthusiasts.

Random Acts of Pizza, a subforum on social news site Reddit, has been surging in popularity recently. On the site, users in need of food post requests for pizza and are, more often than not, obliged.

When we featured the subforum earlier this month, it had a readership of about 3,700. That has since grown to about 6,500, spurred in part by a feature story on CNN.

And that growth apparently hasn’t escaped the notice of redditors who use the Trees subforum, Reddit’s massively popular (if obliquely named) stronghold for everything pot.

According to redditor 44oz in a post earlier today, a number of posters from Trees have been trying to use Random Acts of Pizza for their own munchie-delivery service.

He titled a post: “Dear Redditors of Trees: If you have enough money to buy your weekly stash, you have enough money for a pizza. Please stop coming in here.”

44oz said that three of the past five people for whom he attempted to buy pizza were recently active in Trees, according to their Reddit profiles. But the poster’s ire was directed at least in part towards redditor collasta, who posted this question on pot-smoking shower habits just a few days before asking for a pizza:

“Do y'all smoke: before shower in steamy room, in shower, or after shower in steamy room?”

Many sympathized with 44oz’s argument, though others thought it was exclusionary and even a little biased. What’s the difference between someone posting about video games and then asking for a pizza? Or talking about his or her iPhone?

“Hell I don't even smoke anymore and it still felt like a slap in the face,” zgh5002 wrote. “Why would anyone who frequents r/trees want to participate after this?”

But, still, this was a debate between charitable pizza enthusiasts and weed aficionados—things stayed civil. Most agreed that it’s important to read the comment history of any user, Trees fan or not.

Others just thought everyone should chill out for a second.

“Give 'em a break man,” AtheismFTW wrote. “Pizza don't grow on weed you know. I mean trees. Or something. Like, you know?”

The Daily Dot feels there's an obvious solution to this seeming rift: pot pizza.

Photo via Ganja Gourmet