As the United States government furlough drags on, members of Congress are becoming more and more eager to stress their viewpoints to voters.

Enter Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who Tuesday published one of the most amazingly competent Vines in U.S. political history.

At the Vine’s heart is Reid’s complaint that when Senate Democrats want to conference a budget compromise, they’re shut down by Republicans. This seems to contradict congressional Republicans’ stance that the shutdown isn’t about preventing the Affordable Health Care Act at all costs; it’s about forcing a budget compromise.

But Reid—or, perhaps more likely, someone on his staff—deployed Vine’s strength of quick cuts and showed nine different Republicans saying “I object,” supposedly all at Democrat-led Senate proposals to talk budget.

"I thought Republicans wanted to negotiate. But this is what happens every time Democrats ask for a budget conference,” Reid (or his staffer) wrote.

If only all of Congress was as good at Vine as Reid. This shutdown wouldn’t have lasted a day.

Photo by ryanjreilly/Flickr