When President Barack Obama bombarded Twitter with a flurry of tweets about eight months ago to call our Republican congressmen, tweeters unfollowed the commander-in-chief in drones and called him a “spam bot.”

Now the president and his campaign are taking a similar approach on Tumblr— except users appear to approve.

Late Sunday night, Obama’s Tumblr reblogged and commented on eight different posts bashing presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“I’m voting for the President because he takes me seriously. I’m twenty-one years old, and I have a voice and a vote and I refuse to be patronized,” wrote eft47 in a post that Obama’s campaign Tumblr reblogged. “And even though I don’t have thousands of dollars to donate to his campaign, I know that the President has my back.”

The eight different Tumblr posts collected more than 3,800 notes combined and plenty of comments from people supporting his anti-Romney rhetoric.

“Politicians rarely every know or care about the struggle of money.  Obama has gone through the pain of having to work various jobs to keep his health and education.  He is warm hearted and empathetic.  He is educated and wants the nation to be,” commented runny-yolk on a reblogged post from a 20-year-old college student. “All of the republican candidates are advocating less rights and less education.  I’m voting for Obama because people come first.”

And that’s probably the same reason why Obama’s Tumblr spam session was well received. By reblogging posts from other users, Obama connects with the common man, builds his Tumblr footprint, and lets the masses criticize the Republicans on his behalf. Or maybe, in the end, Obama really just loves everyone.

Photo from White House