Pirates are continuing to colonize Europe.

The Pirate Party made further gains in Germany as yet another of its 16 states, Schleswig-Holstein, voted to elect Pirate Party representatives to its legislature.

Pirates received almost 109,000 out of 2.2 million votes cast Sunday, quadrupling their share of the vote from last election. They netted six out of an available 69 seats in the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Parliament.

The party, which stresses government transparency, copyright reform, Internet rights, and relatively little else, had yet to send representatives to the Schleswig-Holstein legislature. It currently has representatives in two other German states: Berlin (15) and Saarland (4).

Founded in 2006, the Pirate Party has at least some presence in more than 50 countries. Though it’s had little success at the national level, the party has elected state representatives in several countries.

2012 marks the first year that the party is putting forth candidates for state representatives in the U.S.

Photo via Facebook