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Between President Barack Obama’s defined jawline and Mitt Romney’s dead-eyed stare, all these two Harvard men were missing in their last debate were some gloves, high-waisted glossy shorts, and a boxing ring.

Unfortunately, the American people didn’t get to see a slugfest on Oct. 22 but thanks to video game producer Next Mobile, the battle royale has become a reality.

The new game “Obama vs Romney Boxing Faceoff” features the mindless fun of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and fighting mechanics of EA’s Fight Night. You can chose to fight as either Obama or Romney, each of which mutter their own funny phrases when landing a solid punch.

Obama, for example, says things like “The 47 percent say hi” and “Romnesia” whenever landing an uppercut while a 3D crowd cheers.

GIF by Fernando Alfonso III