What if I told you I just watched 'The Matrix' for the first time?

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The Geek Awakens: The Matrix

Screengrab via The Geek Awakens/YouTube

I took the blue pill and never looked back.

On this week’s episode of The Geek Awakens, I watched The Matrix. I avoided this movie when it first came out because its premise seemed hard to follow and the movie looked like it was geared towards men. I was so very wrong!

Neo's journey from hacker to badass was really fun to watch, but Trinity was the highlight for me. She was amazing and possibly one of my favorite female characters of all time! When I grow up, I want to be Trinity. 

Should I watch The Matrix Reloaded? How about The Matrix Revolutions? Let me know by leaving me a comment on our  YouTube channel, and while you’re there, subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode. We also have a Facebook page, where you can catch every video and some fun behind-the-scenes pictures. Check it out!

Last week, I watched Alien, and while it terrified me, I was into it. 

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