I watched 'Ghostbusters' for the first time, and it turns out I am afraid of ghosts

The Geek Awakens: Ghostbusters

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'Total Protonic Reversal' is totally the name of my new punk band.

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On this week’s episode of The Geek Awakens, I watched Ghostbusters. Fun fact: I have seen Ghostbusters II, but I never saw the original. I really don’t understand my childhood.

You guys, Ghostbusters was awesome. The movie is a comedy, and while it wasn’t super scary, there were a few parts that made me jump. For a movie that is over 30 years old, the graphics still hold up pretty well. Also, could this cast be any better? I think not. 

Who is your favorite Ghostbuster? Let me know by leaving me a comment, and let me know what I should watch next. Also, like The Geek Awakens on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel

In the last episode of TGA, I watched The Matrix for the first time, and it was epic. 

the geek awakens
What if I told you I just watched 'The Matrix' for the first time?
On this week’s episode of The Geek Awakens, I watched The Matrix. I avoided this movie when it first came out because its premise seemed hard to follow and the movie looked like it was geared towards men. I was so very wrong!
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