A 'Star Wars' fan attached BB-8 to his car—and other fans are loving it

bb-8 car art

Screengrab via AydoSF/YouTube (Fair Use)

Skywalker Ranch isn't that far off.
BB-8 is a droid of the people. 

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens superstar is perhaps the most accessible of the franchise's characters when it comes to effortlessly awesome fan art, from cake pops to pumpkins. In a stunning tribute to the droid, an enterprising San Francisco Bay Area driver turned one of his rear tires into a rolling BB-8.

This BB-8 car art was crafted out of discarded plastic garage sale signs, a bit of spray paint, and droid decals. It's attached to the hubcap and back bumper via zip ties. The droid has been delighting commuters since the beginning of the year and even has his own hashtag: #ISpyBB8
The chase is on to snap a shot of this rolling BB-8 attached to a Toyota Corolla. Perhaps he's rolling across the Golden Gate Bridge and up to Skywalker Ranch as we speak.
the force awakens
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