New VR game puts you on the bridge of a 'Star Trek' starship

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Screengrab via YouTube (CC-BY-SA)

We're going to need a hot cup of Earl Grey for this.

Your dreams of becoming a starship captain could soon be realized, thanks to the new VR experience Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Ubisoft premiered a new trailer featuring Star Trek alumni for the adventure game during its press conference at E3 on Monday. 

The actors seemed to enjoy the experience, with Levar Burton pretty much selling it all on his own thanks to his boundless enthusiasm. Some E3 attendees are not yet convinced, though, calling the game a "button-pressing simulator." 

Bridge Crew is based on J.J. Abrams' view of the Star Trek universe. Sadly, you will not get a chance to pilot the fabled Enterprise; instead it'll be the Aegis with three other crew members. Players can enjoy a story mode or random play, but they must work with others to complete missions. In otherwise, teamwork is a must.

The idea of playing a crucial role on a starship in virtual reality sounds like a lot of fun. Bridge Crew is coming for the Rift, Vive, and PlayStation VR this fall, and we look forward to exploring the final frontier in a whole new way.

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