The head-to-toe guide to nose-to-tail Shark Week fashion

shark model fashion week
Who knew that so many shark heels existed in the world?

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has become an annual obsession for America. With sharks on the brain, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this week people have decided to embrace the event in a number of interesting ways. A glance at Pinterest reveals one of the more unique avenues people have decided to take to celebrate Shark Week—through fashion.

In numerous pins, people are trying to add some bite to their wardrobes through shark-inspired clothing and accessories. While pulling off some of the jewelry would be easy, a few of these other styles seem like they’d be a bit harder to incorporate into your daily life. Who knew that so many shark heels existed in the world?

Whether you’re a shark enthusiast or are just looking for something fun to wear to a Shark Week viewing party, take a look at some of the standout shark styles we found on Pinterest.

Shark bite earrings

Photo via Vicky Sanchez/Pinterest


Photo via Samantha Paitsel/Pinterest

Photo via Tiffany Boscarino/Pinterest

Double shark tooth ring

Photo via Stephanie Wilson/Pinterest


Photo via Black Milk Clothing/Pinterest

Photo via Brit Morin/Pinterest

Shark attack hoodie dress

Photo via smokethroughthelust/Pinterest

Shark tooth upper-arm cuff

Photo via Phoebe VanderVeen/Pinterest

Oh, What a Bite Tee

Photo via Layla Rose/Pinterest

Beware of sharks! skirt

Photo via Rachel Woodland/Pinterest

And so many shoes…

Photo via Daphne Beelen/Pinterest

Photo via Laura Beth/Pinterest

Photo via Jack Cota/Pinterest

Photo via Wambui Bahati/Pinterest

Photo via Linda Behoff/Pinterest

Photo via smokethroughthelust/Pinterest | Photo via Florbela (CC BY SA 2.0) | Photo via Kieran Palmer (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed

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