Harry Potter's childhood home is now on the market—but it's not cheap


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For just over half a million dollars, you can live in the Dursley family's suburban home.
Harry Potter's childhood home is on the market, but you'll have to pony up £475,000 ($619,585 U.S.) if you want to live there.

The suburban home in Martins Heron, Berkshire, was used when filming 4 Privet Drive in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, hosting the iconic scenes where Harry is adopted by the Dursleys. In later films, the house was recreated as a studio set and was included in Warner Bros.' Harry Potter studio tour.

Judging by the property listing, the house's current owners made an effort to distance the house from its intentionally ugly interiors in the Harry Potter movies, opting for a more modern and minimalist look inside.


Selected due to its boring and generic appearance, the Dursleys' family home isn't exactly a dream location for Harry Potter fans to visit. Its main claim to fame is the home of Harry's childhood trauma, and J.K. Rowling created Privet Drive as an emblem of English suburban hell.
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