Pikachu gets intimate with new Pokémon lingerie collection

Pokemon lingerie

Photo via Yummy Mart/Instagram

Catch 'em all.

Pokémon fans will soon be able to show their love on a more intimate level due to a unique collaboration between the Pokémon Company and Japanese brand Yummy Mart. 

The two joined forces to release an officially licensed lingerie collection that will make you wonder if showcasing Pikachu on your undergarments is exactly what you've been missing these past two decades. 

The line focuses on the popular yellow Pokémon for the most part, featuring its familiar color and appearance on panties, an eyemask, and a towel poncho. There's even a Pokéball laundry pouch as well as a pajama set with a top displaying Pikachu's Pokédex number and shorts with a Pokéball design. It looks like the items might even come in cute Pikachu packaging.

Bangsがシンセン💫 このアイマスクおススメ😆💛 @yummymart #YUMMYMART #ポケモン

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For the most part it's a rather bright collection that doesn't bother being subtle about its inspiration, though the items are nothing compared to the bra-and-panty combo plastered with plush Pikachus. These over-the-top pieces are being used to promote the line and are not actually for sale.

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If you're a diehard trainer who wants to buy 'em all, the line will become available on Yummy Mart's website on Wednesday, April 20. 

H/T Kotaku

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