Pokémon meets 'The Simpsons' in these incredible mashup pins

Simpsons x Pokemon pins

Photo via Thumbs1/Instagram

I choose you, Bartachu.

A U.K.-based pop culture artist has combined two of our favorite things—Pokémon and The Simpsons—in a line of adorable mashup pins. And, yes, we want to collect them all. 

Nick Thompson, the proprietor behind Thumb Design, has been posting pictures of the incredible little accessories to Instagram. There's a Sideshow Bobeggutor, a Gottobat, a Maudley, and many more delightfully recognizable combinations. 

C L O S E U P Catch 'em all in my store. Link in my bio. #gottacatchemall 🔥💧🍃⚡️

A post shared by T H U M B S (@thumbs1) on

Dropping some new pins later tonight 🍃⚡️💧🔥 #gottacatchemall

A post shared by T H U M B S (@thumbs1) on

Restock of my PokePizza and PokeDoughnut glitter pins now in my store ✨✨✨ sparkle sparkle

A post shared by T H U M B S (@thumbs1) on

If you absolutely must have these things (and who doesn't?) you can purchase them on Thumb Design's Etsy shop. There you'll find lots of other fun items, like sticks and trading cards. You might also be tempted by Thumb's other Simpsons mashups, with Adventure Time, The Warriors, Back to the Future, and more. 

Your paycheck may suddenly be gone, but your backpack and jacket decorations will be worth every penny. 

H/T Fashionably Geek

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