No walking is required to hatch this Pokémon egg

POkemon bath bomb

Photo via Etsy (CC-BY-SA)


You can now hatch a Pokémon egg without walking a single kilometer. While it's not exactly a Pokémon Go hack, it will certainly liven up your bathroom. 


Etsy artist Rebecca Ringgenberg makes these bath bombs by hand using essential oils, grapeseed oil, and shea butter. Best of all, when they dissolve they leave behind a Pokémon figure that you can keep. At $8 each, they're a pretty affordable treat, too. Ringgenberg sells them in packs as well as singles, and she also offers a PokéBall version for $7.


The bombs are now open for preorder through Ringgenberg's shop and will ship after Sept. 15. Get ready to yell "Oh?" in the privacy of your own bathroom.

H/T Mashable

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