Pearl Mackie encounters her first Dalek in this video from the 'Doctor Who' set

Pearl Mackie

Photo via BBC

She's just as excited as you'd expect her to be.

In her first interview from the Doctor Who set, Pearl Mackie, who plays the Twelfth Doctor's new companion, reveals exactly the reaction you'd expect from any fan: uncontrollable smiles.

Mackie's character Bill made her debut in a short clip with Peter Capaldi, and now the BBC has posted an interview with her discussing her first day on set.

For obvious reasons, she seems incredibly psyched to be there—and is looking forward to seeing fans cosplay her character.

The BBC also posted Mackie's first interaction with a Dalek, an important moment for any new Doctor Who star. She's adorable shocked to discover that there's a real person inside the dalek armor.

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