Lin-Manuel turns Donald Trump tweets into works of odd genius

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Screengrab via GQ/YouTube

How does he tweet like he's running out of time?

Donald Trump’s Twitter account is a unique work of art, and it’s finally getting the masterful reinvention it deserves.

To coincide with GQ’s new cover story, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda put his musical genius to work to give the loudest political visionary of our time his very own musical. Josh Groban did something like this last year and turned his tweets into song, but where Groban had finesse Miranda is raw and emotional.

We only see what he does with a couple of ill-formed holiday acknowledgment tweets, but like Hamilton itself, it’s probably best listened to in full.

Trump: The Musical is coming on Nov. 8. Maybe, the video notes, but right now history has its eyes on you.

H/T Uproxx

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Josh Groban turned Donald Trump's bombastic tweets into a song
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