Even astronaut Scott Kelly is impressed by Jupiter's auroras

jupiter auroras

Screengrab via NASA.gov Video/YouTube

Jupiter's auroras are over a thousand times brighter than those on Earth.

Retired astronaut Scott Kelly had the opportunity to see our planet in an incredible light, taking in sunrises and sunsets as well as storms and phenomenons. Particularly dazzling were the northern and southern lights. 

Kelly's prior experience watching a planet's magnetic field colliding with its atmosphere pales in comparison to the auroras overtaking Jupiter, which the largest planet in the solar system.

NASA's Hubble telescope was able to capture this electric footage via a series of photographs turned into a composite video. What that means is that Jupiter's auroras are even more vibrant in real time.

Needless to say, Kelly was quite impressed.

Let's hope he was listening to these sweet sounds emanating from Jupiter as he watched the auroras's bright glow.
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