Find your Nintendo DS while you lose your sanity in this mobile game

weird smartphone game find ds

Screengrab via Hap Inc Remix by Max Fleishman

Why is there an elephant in the living room?

In the realm of the ridiculous, it's best not to ask what's going on and just enjoy the ride. That's exactly what you'll be doing in Hidden my game by mom, a free mobile game for iPhone and Android that's so amusing you'll overlook the poorly translated title.

The game's premise is simple: You're a little boy who has played too much Nintendo DS and your mom decides to take your game away so you'll go outside and play, or whatever it is that people that don't play video games do. In the game's 30 stages, you must explore the house to find where she's hidden it without her catching you. Pretty basic, until you get to stage four and reality goes sailing out the window.

Hidden my game by mom was made by hap Inc., a Japanese developer that has made 22 other titles that may or may not be as brilliant. If you enjoyed the Rhythm Heaven and Warioware series, this one is definitely for you.

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