Even actor Kristian Nairn's mom has her own Hodor door stopper


Photo via Game of Thrones/HBO

We all cope in mysterious ways.

Months after his devastating departure from Game of Thrones, Hodor is still in our hearts and holding our doors.

His death in the middle of season 6 left a mark in a way we haven’t seen since the Red Wedding. We mourned him online, turned him into a meme, and in true capitalistic form, created a niche market of self-fulfilling prophecy products: Hodor door stoppers to “hold the door” for us.

Hodor actor and DJ Kristian Nairn discovered that, hilariously, even his own mother owns a Hodor door stopper during a recent visit to his parents’ home.

... Really, Mum??? Et tu, Brute? Hahahaha 😍

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Holding that door until the very end.

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