Who needs ravens when there's 'Game of Thrones' emoji?

game of thrones emoji face
You've never been able to text "winter is coming" in so many different ways.

By now, the formula for creating Internet gold has been well established: Hit television show plus emoji equals smash viral success.

Inspired by the fanfare with which the Seinfeld emoji were received, the alchemists over at Elite Daily took it upon themselves to fashion a set of Game of Thrones emoji to simplify your texts about winter coming. No longer do you have to use stupid snowflakes or snowmen when referring to the Wall and white walkers. Instead, you can use the horrifying blue face of the frozen undead and the sheepish Jon Snow. 

While we're sad there isn't a drunk Cersi, a sassy Olenna Tyrell, or a Moon Door emoji, we understand that creating a set that spans the current four seasons would be a gargantuan undertaking. Below is our favorite from the set of 20. It's not available for use in text "just yet," but we're hoping that's just a gross oversight that will be corrected before season five rolls around. 

Visit the full gallery here.

Arya Stark 

A pack of Direwolves

George R.R. Martin 

Joffrey Baratheon

Daenerys Targaryen

Tyrion Lannister 

H/T and photo via Elite Daily | Main photo via HBO | remix by Jason Reed

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