This fan-made 'Doctor Who' teaser puts the BBC's to shame

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People were disatisfied with the Doctor Who teaser trailer, so a fan made his own.

Many fans were disappointed at the first teaser from the BBC for Doctor Who’s eighth season, so one fan one-upped it.

This fan-made trailer from John Smith—the same guy who made the impressive Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover last year—gives just as much away as the official teaser trailer (which is to say absolutely nothing), but at least we’re left with more than just the silhouette of Peter Capaldi.

It’s got everything people want: wonder, adventure, and who can forget an outside view of the TARDIS?

Does it matter that he’s not wearing the official costume? Of course not. There’s even a Jenna Coleman appearance, who was completely left out of the teaser trailer. But it also manages to capture a lighter and more magical side not often seen in the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who. It may make people even more excited for the new season, if that’s even possible.

Either way, it’s a long wait until August.

H/T io9 | Photo via John Smith/YouTube

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