Deadpool narrated his own Honest Trailer, because of course he did


Screencap via YouTube (CC-BY-SA)

Hey that voice sounds familiar...

In perfect fourth-wall-breaking form, Deadpool wasn't about to let Screen Junkies release its new Honest Trailer for his own damn movie without him. 

Meta is kind of his thing. 

The actor popped up in the newest installment in the video series. Screen Junkies apologized for being a bit late (the film came out in February), but clearly it was worth the wait to watch the real Deadpool rake his own movie over the coals.

“Look, the only reason I’m even here is to promote Deadpool, which is now out on Blu-Ray and DVD, blah, blah, blah, like anyone still fucking buys those glorified fucking drink coasters,” Reynolds grumbles. “So let’s be real, Honest Trailer guy, I’m way too big of a deal to be slumming it in some played-out webseries.”

Ha! Every meta-loving cell in our bodies is tingling. It only gets more NSFW as it goes on, and Deadpool fans will be giggling for every minute of it. And we thought Honest Trailers couldn't get any better.

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