These DC sweaters are sure to brighten up your holiday

DC sweaters

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Fashionably super.

With the holidays soon upon us it’s time to bring out the ugly sweaters, and one comics stronghold is offering up a strong collection to make your winter geeky.

Geek fashion has fully embraced the ugly sweater phenomenon over the past few years, and DC Comics is no exception as it reveals its own collection of super and mischievous selections. Its collection of officially licensed holiday ugly sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers celebrate the best and worst of DC, that will certainly bring holiday cheer.

You can choose from a variety of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman ugly sweaters to wear while you're saving the day. Or if you’re looking to be more naughty than nice, you can also don sweaters featuring Two Face or the Joker.

The DC Comics collection runs from $48.99 to $49.99 apiece, making that much easier to ring in justice this holiday season.

H/T Fashionably Geek

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