'X-Men' character Quicksilver unveiled in Carl's Jr. commercial

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Nothing says "here's your cool new superhero" like bacon. 

Super-fast superhero Quicksilver is making his franchise debut in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but so far fans have only glimpsed the character, played by Evan Peters, in photos.

That is, until a Carl's Jr. commercial aired last night.

That's right: Somehow, the marketing brain trust at Fox thought it best to give Quicksilver his on-screen debut stuffing his face with a bacon-loaded breakfast sandwich.

The ad is part of an ongoing marketing partnership between the fast food chain and the X-Men franchise. We’ve already seen Mystique transform into a beefy dude and hork down a Hardee’s bacon barbeque burger. (Do these guys sell anything without bacon?) But it seems like a huge misstep to use a fast food commercial as the vehicle for fans’ first look at a major character.

Sure, the ad likely padded the movie’s marketing budget by millions, but at the cost of making a cool character immediately uncool? That'll leave a bad taste in your mouth.

H/T HitFix | Screengrab via Carls Jr./YouTube

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