Honest Trailers just totally ruined 'Captain America: Civil War'

captain america

Photo via Captain America: Civil War

You'll never see 'Civil War' the same way again.

Amid popular demand, Screen Junkies finally gave Captain America: Civil Wara the Honest Trailers treatment it was ripe for. And after its slick, sardonic takedown you can't help but wonder: Did this fun summer Marvel movie actually suck?

After all, as the clip points out, Captain America waged a war against... regulatory oversight from a peaceful coalition of global politicians. "This is what happens when your villains kinda suck," the trailer notes.

It also draws eerie plot parallels between this and that horrendous Batman v.Superman movie, right down to the manipulation of moms as a key plot point.

"Is it better to be dickishly stubborn or stubbornly dickish?" we're asked, about the quarrel between Captain America and Iron Man.

Either way, it'd be nice if this movie provided something in the way of "lasting stakes." 

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