Britney Spears just posted a photo of her kid in a sweet 'Dragon Ball Z' costume

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Britney Spears DBZ

Photo via BritneySpears/Twitter


It turns out Britney Spears is a cool mom who likes anime. 

The pop star tweeted a photo on Wednesday of one of her sons dressed in a sweet Frieza (also spelled Freeza) costume from the popular Dragon Ball franchise. 

We’re not sure if this is a Halloween costume or just for fun, but either way it’s pretty great. Frieza is a supervillain in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball: Z, and other related anime and manga. Despite his evil deeds, he remains a fan favorite. 

Maybe Spears will follow the lead of another famous geek mom, Jamie Lee Curtis, and roll out some family cosplay. We’re completely on board for Super Saiyan Britney. 

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