These big, squishy Totoro GIFs will improve your life

100 days of Totoro

Screenshot via (CC-BY-SA)

It's impossible to be sad while you look at these totoros.

If today has been unkind to you (spilled coffee, ran late, terrible review at work), we have a question for you that may rewind the day back to the beginning and erase all that came before it: How would feel if you got to meet 100 Totoros? 

You're smiling already, right? Thanks to Australian animator CL Terry, you can meet dozens of them right now. They are a part of a project she's working on to create 100 GIFs at the rate of one per day. Here are a few of the ones she made that plastered our faces with sappy smiles.

Not all 100 of the GIFs in Terry's art project will be dedicated to Totoro, but the most recent batch is all devoted to the popular Japanese forest spirit. Many of them have a touch of Terry's sense of the whimsical as well.
Terry also has a predilection for cats. She's drawn breadcats, cats in boxes, cats in glasses, and cats eating pizza, and throws in the occasional fandom piece for variety, such as her GIF of Eleven from Stranger Things.She still has a few GIFs left to go before hitting her goal of 100. If you'd like to follow the project and keep up with her future art as well, you can do so right here.
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