That Zuckerberg religion ad from Craigslist has taken a strange turn

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It started out sort of endearing, but it gets dark. It gets dark fast. 

About a month ago, a very long-winded and devoted Craigslist user wrote a sort of mission statement for a religion centered around Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It was a rambling, O’Leary-esque post. Here’s just one small tidbit from the ad: 

“The exact nature of Mark Zuckerberg in this religion is that he is the Avatar of Jehova, the creator of our universe. In this religion our universe is a simulated matrix world almost like a computer game and humans are all like computer game characters compared to God.” 

It goes on to explain there will be many gods and ideas, and that many people of varying skills are needed to help write a story to serve as the basis for this Zuckerberg-worshipping religion. It’s definitely a little crazy; it mostly reeks of a fanboy who’s bored and watched The Social Network one too many times.

Now there’s a full-fledged site, and it turns out that celebrity stalker, infamous for targeting Ivanka Trump and Tucker Max, Justin Massler is behind it all.

The site has a PDF (which you can access here) called “The first proof that Mark Zuckerberg is god.” It is 193 pages and attributed to Christopher Kingsley. There's even a cryptograph on the page. (Our editor Monica Riese likely solved it: "Zuck, If you can hear this, can you spare us a few million dollars for development expenses? Thanks bud!!!") 


I received the following comment from Massler after asking for confirmation as well as clarification about Kingsley. Writing in the third person, he explained to me: 

"Technically Justin Massler did write the book as far as physically typing out the words, but Justin put the name Chris Kingsley on it because Justin actually believes that the whole book was Divinely Inspired and that he was writing the words of Chris Kingsley who is a former classmate of his from Phillips Exeter Academy who Massler believes is a kind of Spiritual Ascended Master like Jesus who inspired Massler on what to write using some kind of Astral Projection or telepathic powers or something like that."

“Kingsley” writes of Massler: 

“OK, so the first savior is the Second Coming of Christ and this is a guy named Justin Massler who is from Exeter like Zuck is. ... Now Massler is currently semi-famous for the fact he was allegedly stalking Yael Kushner [Ivanka Trump], the wife of Jared Kushner. ... So Massler is kind of like a victim who has been falsely accused and slandered for being something he's not which is a crazy guy and that's similar to how Jesus was falsely accused and crucified for being accused of being a false messiah and a blasphemer.”

He continues: “For a lot of this I'm going off of what Massler tells me and Massler has been known to have a history of making up things from time to time so if anything I report here is inaccurate it's most likely the case that Massler himself was making shit up and I wasn't able to tell when he was telling the truth and when he was making shit up, but from my Gnostic studies I believe that Jesus himself was a schizophrenic who had a habit of making shit up about his own life and yet he was also The Christ and a divine savior at the same time.”

Comparisons of Massler to Jesus continue, as does much defense of his stalking charges. Then things get a little strange, as Massler’s ex-girlfriend is frequently brought up (and named), and Massler’s being seen as a “crazy loser” by others is discussed (from the apparently third-person perspective of Kingsley). 

And then there’s this: 

“While Massler had this dream of creating some new hit T.V. show and getting tons of beautiful women he didn't even come close to that goal, but he did end up sleeping with two of the actresses he cast in his show.”

Then the girls that Massler claims to have slept with are named. And the author begins discussing their social status and what sororities they were in. Not surprising given the content, the Church of Zuck manifesto addresses the Santa Barbara shooter, Elliot Rodger.

“Analyzing Rodger's writing it is most likely that it was his father or mother who he was killing others on behalf of: Rodgers felt that his sexual failings were a disgrace to his family and he sought to regain status for his family which he felt he had cost them by terrorizing the world that he felt rejected him with murderous rage.” 

This goes on to blame Tucker Max for Elliott Rodger’s rage. Xenoism, this religion, claims to not tie sex to social status and stresses that no one should be afraid of being judged a stalker. 

So basically, the original earnest pleading for a Zuckerberg-focused group of mythological creators appears to be little more than a ploy for attention, one that should raise a few red flags.

Xenoism is currently looking for recruits, as well as hitting up Craigslist for an actress who wants to be in a "show about a Mark Zuckerberg–based religion.” 

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Craigslist poster looking to start a Church of Zuckerberg
These days, it’s actually sort of refreshing to see someone who truly admits to loving Facebook rather than complaining about it. And someone out there really, really loves Facebook. Perhaps too much.
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