YouTube partership results in "epicness."

Bacon and bullets, oh my! 

Two of the most popular YouTubers, Epic Meal Time and FPS Russia, have teamed up to create “Russian Meal Time,” a six-minute cooking video of deemed “epicness” that involves beating meat, vodka potatoes, a shooting range interlude (playing to FPS Russia’s skills) and general EMT wackiness.

Both Epic Meal Time and FPS Russia have surpassed 150 million views on their perspective shows (and each has more than 1 million subscribers), so they’re pretty comfortable predicting in their collaborative video that they will be on the front page of YouTube (and even Reddit!) They say as much when they’re in the supermarket for their “epic front page YouTube beer run.”

Oh you guys—so self-referential.

Other noteworthy moments include making fun of YouTube’s Cosmic Panda redesign, and fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson—who has more views, and money, than these two. Making fun of Shane Dawson is like making fun of sxephil—they’re both so popular they’re untouchable.  

Collaborations among YouTubers are a standard and promoted practice. They can result in YouTube cliques. When these clique-ish videos are at these epic proportions though, how can you complain?

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