The Virginia mall shooting was announced in advance on 4chan

The truth about stop-and-frisk practices
Here's what the internet keeps getting wrong about the controversial policing tactic.

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virginia mall shooting
An unidentified man reportedly posted to 4chan's /b/ minutes before opening fire in a Virginia mall Friday afternoon. 
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Florida teens face felony charges after doing something unspeakable to an endangered tortoise
Warning: This story contains graphic content that may be NSFW.  Two North Florida girls are in hot water—off- and online—after torturing a rare gopher tortoise and sharing the footage online.
Hackers threaten to release thousands of private Snapchat photos
Bad news for Snapchat users: The ephemeral photo-sharing service has been compromised, resulting in the potential distribution of hundreds of thousands of users’ private photos and videos, Business Insider reports.

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