Jackson has been rampaging Twitter lately, claiming twice in less than a week that the  Ultimate Fighting Championship doesn’t give him enough pay or respect.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s biggest celebrity fighters, is repeatedly rampaging his Twitter account, claiming twice in less than a week that the UFC doesn’t give him enough pay or respect.

Dana White, the hot-headed president of the UFC, has not yet responded on Twitter, though he follows Jackson and has posted multiple tweets since Jackson’s outbursts.

This isn’t the first time that the a 33-year-old former UFC lightweight champion and A-Team actor, has complained online. In 2009, Jackson wrote a blog post declaring he was retiring to pursue his acting career.

“The UFC has done a lot for me but I think I have done more for them,” and “I'm done fighting. I've been getting negative reviews from the dumb ass fans that don't pay my bills or put my kids though college. So I'm hanging it up.”

He returned to fight in May 2010, a loss to Rashad Evans. Jackson’s most recent fight was a Feb. 26 loss to Ryan Bader, and he’s indicated he’ll fight only once more for the UFC before retiring and fighting elsewhere.

Photo via Twitter

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