Forget Patriots vs. Giants. On YouTube, the real battle was students vs. cops.

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Sunday’s dramatic Super Bowl led to a confused riot at the University of Massachusetts last night. Students were really mad that the Patriots lost. Or really glad the Giants won.

By the time this video starts, though, rioters in this video have drawn up new teams: students versus cops.

According to local news, team loyalties were mixed.

The U. Mass. campus is only a two-hour drive to Foxborough, Massachusetts, where the New England Patriots play their home games. Several Patriots jerseys are clearly visible in the crowd.

Yet the school had reason to root for the Giants, too. U. Mass., whose football program has had practically zero effect in the NFL in recent decades, produced Victor Cruz, the Giants’ leading receiver this year. He caught a touchdown pass in this year’s Super Bowl.

Those team preferences weren’t obvious in the riot.

On the left of the screen, you can see flashes from flash bombs thrown by riot cops, followed by students gleefully chanting “fuck the police.” There’s plenty of violence in the air: one student appears to fight with police after they throw a flash grenade near his feet, and cops bring out both dogs and horses.

Video of the seething crowd is at 78,000 views on YouTube. 12,000 of those came in the past hour.

Local news reported that more than 1,500 students gathered. Police arrested 14 people, though there were no reported injuries.

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