Frito Lay
Twitter deletes a parody account apeing Frito-Lay chips after the jokesters behind the tweets take things a little too far.
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Doritos Roulette is the most intense junk food gimmick ever
Start hoarding cartons of milk just in case, because Doritos Roulette is coming to the United States—and it's going to set some mouths on fire.
Fritos learns what a difference an "i" can make
A new parody account is gaining traction on Twitter and its of the crunchy kind.For the last 12 hours, @fritoiay (with a capital “i” instead of a lowercase “l,” so they look alike), has been tweeting some racially charged jokes at the expense of the snack-food company.Take a look:“Due to pressure from the Tea Party, we are changing the names of Doritos and Tostitos to be less, as their rep put it, "wetback-sounding.’”

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