National Same-Sex Kiss Day is scheduled to take place at Chick-fil-A restaurants Friday evening, and some on Twitter are reacting with threats of anti-gay violence.

Chick-fil-A is at the center of a gay rights storm, and on Friday evening, same-sex couples will mark National Same-Sex Kiss Day at the restaurant chain.

However, not everyone is happy about this, with some tweeters threatening violence if they happen to see a gay couple kiss while picking up their chicken.

The fallout began after company president Dan Cathy confirmed he opposed all marriages but “traditional” ones. The Muppets ended a partnership with Chick-fil-A, the company earned a number of satirical Yelp reviews, and we fact-checked a number of photos which went viral.

Those in support of Cathy’s stance flooded Chick-fil-A restaurants Wednesday. More than half-a-million people RSVPd to a Facebook event for the “eat-in,” and Sarah Palin was among those who participated. Chick-fil-A set a single-day sales record as a result.

Couples participating in Friday’s event are encouraged to submit photos to a Tumblr blog chronicling the occasion, which has caused much consternation on the Web.

Some are posting threats, while others are bemused that a fast-food restaurant chain has become the focal point for the national gay marriage conversation.

Photo by keenduck

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