The Tweekender: Chad Ochocinco treats homeless pal to new duds

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All the news that's fit to tweet, in 140 characters or less.

With hundreds of millions of tweets per day, it’s impossible to follow everything happening on Twitter. Every Friday, the Daily Dot rounds up notable Twitter news and stories from the past week—in 140 characters or less.

  • The U.K. Government apparently gives some journalists exclusive news to break via tweets.
  • Speaking of politics, Latin American presidents are all over Twitter.
  • Twitter has an office in Canada now.
  • Twitter's apparently testing a way to let you see what's going on nearby your location.
  • The NCAA banned hashtags on college football fields.
  • Steven Soderbergh has gone from directing big stars to tweeting a novella. The guy plays the game his own way.
  • Bear Grylls tweeted a snakebite injury photo so gruesome even the Daily Mail didn't print it.
  • Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson treated a homeless man to a night on the town.
  • Two Weather Channel interns are being blasted with 130mph+ winds because you are all sadists.
  • A United Nations chief bragged about having his photo taken with Bono. He didn't actually find what he was looking for. It was a lookalike.
  • The devil's in the details, and one hardy soul is adding more info to Huffington Post tweets with @HuffPoSpoilers.
  • Here's an amusing Storify highlighting how weird Twitter can get when brands and organizations join in conversations.

The week's notable new users: Comedy icon Mel Brooks joined up. As did Warren Buffett, with a killer first tweet.

Photo of the week: Here's Chad Johnson with new pal PorkChop after treating him to some swish new duds. (@ochocinco)

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