Jerkiness in the animal kingdom

Animals being jerks
This new Tumblr features animals being dicks. 

 “Animals Being Dicks” is exactly what it says on the label: animals being dicks, aka jerks.

Each post on this single-topic Tumblr is an animated gif of an animal being a dick.

The Tumblr contains magic moments, such as a turtle sneaking up on a cat, baby monkeys pushing each other down, a rooster chasing a terrified child, even an elephant assaulting a nearby ostrich.

The  tumblog is relatively new - only 45 posts to date - but it has a steadily growing fanbase and around 300 notes per post. As single topic tumblrs go, this one seems to have no shortage of material.

It has become one of my favorite tumblogs. Be warned, however, you may injure yourself laughing - and become suspicious of your pets.

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