2 teens sentenced in "Facebook murder trial"

dutch murder
The two Dutch teenagers who hired a hitman to murder a girl over derogatory Facebook comments received two years in juvenile detention. 

Two Dutch teenagers who hired a hitman to murder a girl over her posting of derogatory Facebook comments were sentenced Monday.

Dubbed as the “Facebook murder” by the European press, Wesley C., 17, and Polly W., 16, were sentenced to two years in juvenile detention and three years of therapy for the arranged murder of Joyce ‘Winsie’ Hau (pictured here), according to court documents.

In January, the two hired Jinhua K., 14, to kill Hau in her home in Arnhem, Netherlands. He was sentenced in September to one year in a juvenile detention facility and then three years in a psychiatric prison. Jinhua K also attempted to kill Hau’s father, but he survived.

The row between Polly W. and Hau went on for weeks on Facebook, according to court documents, and plentiful insults were hurled. Polly W. (last names of minors aren’t released in accordance with Dutch law) eventually got so fed up, she paid Jinhua K. $190 and a “few drinks” to murder her.

“The defendants are guilty of a particularly serious criminal offence,” the court said in a statement. “The fact that a friendship between two young girls can turn into deep hate and ultimately into murder being incited is shocking and hard to comprehend.”

Photo via Beanyman62News/YouTube

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